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Vote G. Juan Johnson starting 2/3/2020

Support “full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges, or services in all business establishments of every kind whatsoever”. I support more accountable government. 



It's easy to help me get the bull out of government and fiscal accountability in.

You CAN vote for me! On the ballot just scroll down to the

"Write-In-Candidate" tab and say my name and type in G. JUAN JOHNSON.

Did you know some of the most famous people in history were write-in candidates?




Update 1/6/2020:  Today the City Clerk's office qualified me as a write-in candidate for the office of District 10 councilman. The names of qualified candidates appear on the ballot; the names of write-in candidates have to be written on the ballot by the voter.  

Write/type G. Juan Johnson" if you vote in District 10.

In addition this year you can vote at a polling booth eleven days before and up to March 3. You may also be able to vote at any district polling place but please make sure you note the correct district for your vote to count. Yes, you do not have to vote for every issue/candidate for your ballot to count. If you are not registered, you can register and vote up to and including election day March 3!  You can register online with the LA County Registrar.

Update December 21, 2019.   I run as a write-in candidate.  I will register as a write in candidate on January 6, 2020. Thanks for everyone’s support of what matters most to you in Los Angeles!   This 2020 election will start around February 21 and you will be able to vote for me in any district for the district you are registered in. [In other words, all voting booths will accept votes no matter what district you are permitted to vote in.] You will also be able to vote by mail for me starting February 3 2020 (so please register now if you have not already). 

November 2018: 

I wanted you to be one of the first to know: I have officially launched my campaign for the nomination to Los Angeles City Council representing the 10th District. I am sensitive to voters who ask, "Why do politicians keep asking for more money for housing without explaining what happened to the money we gave the government yesterday?" 

I am asking you to join me in my campaign to continue to: aggressively advocate constitutional, individual, and equal rights; seek an elected Metro board; support increased benefits and training for police, teachers, seniors, and veterans; maintain 100% full and meaningful employment; modify the civil court system by adding evening and weekend hours and eliminating filing fees for individuals; and demand greater government accountability for fair housing and housing services for all citizens, not just for the privileged few. 

I believe lack of fair housing can be turned around. I believe those who practice substandard housing can be stopped. I believe the city rent control and code enforcement departments are racist and corrupt and need to be held more accountable. Animal owners need to be prohibited from letting their dogs poop on other’s property;  when walking their dogs, animal owners should be required to bring their own piece of grass with them. Voters recently approved billions of dollars for housing developments and aid to Veterans. I want to help make sure these new developments are accountable to the Public. We need to eliminate civil court filing fees for all except businesses and corporations and expand civil court hours to Saturdays and evenings.  My platform includes giving single family homeowners a four year 3% reduction in property taxes. We can stop the hi-density, hi-income, and hi-crime Transit Oriented Communities (“TOC”) (I call them the rich people’s apartment “projects”); we can cure homelessness, we can achieve 100% employment.   The solutions lie in individual empowerment. I want to hear about your goals and needs in the 10th district and Los Angeles.



 My main priority is to better serve the needs of the residents of the 10th district of Los Angeles. I work to bring the innovative ideas of the voters together with my own ideas of improving the district. I also realize that as a councilperson I also will vote on issues that affect all of Los Angeles. The city is growing at a rapid rate. I work to assure that everyone benefits from the services the city has to offer. My second priority is to incur the expenses of the campaign which includes ads, flyers, phone calls, walking the streets, office supplies, volunteers, transportation, etc. Whether $5.00 or $95.00, every contribution helps me to communicate with others about what Los Angeles needs. I am a favorite of individual empowerment. I have seen many examples of the smart individual who is able to fight and succeed in bringing more government accountability to the people. Many times government employees forget that their job is to serve the public, not just themselves. If you have ideas for the campaign and issues you think should be addressed, whether you live in the 10th District or not, I would like to hear your views. You can contact me at the campaign email . If you go to the campaign website there are numerous ways to contribute including the "donate" button which allows Paypal. I would be happy to speak to your group or organization.  Jan. 9, 2019.

Yes, I have previously worked for government in different capacities as a government official and corrections and parole counselor. I previously ran twice for the office of Mayor of Long Beach.

(Signed) G. Juan Johnson - January 24, 2019.

G. Juan




I will 

make government more accountable

JohnsonforMayor 2022

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