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Voting starts today

Vote by mail ballots are out

The county registrar has started mailing out official ballots. This means you can start voting 30 days before the election. In person vote centers they say will open around May 28. The city may post campaign videos to the internet by May 17 channel LA 35. Below is sneak peak of my speech I have submitted for taping and airing.

Candidate papers

The speech for May 9

Let it (period). Down by (period).


My Los Angeles.


I sued the government pro se for systemic pattern and practice housing discrimination


paying rent for eight years and still denied repairs and extra parking and the landlord is a racist millionaire


property owners should pay criminal penalties for nuisance and trespassing for violating the tenant anti-harassment ordinance and violating the  home sharing ordinance


city federal funds are threatened by racism, corruption, fiscal mismanagement, and unethical practices of the planning, zoning, rent control, code enforcement departments and the city clerk publicized racial discrimination practiced by employees Marcel Nicolas and Luis Tolentino


department heads will be replaced


anti-diversity gentrification has caused the genocide of moderate, affordable, and low income residents


I will be a Mayor who is not beholden to real estate developers


a moratorium on market rate housing apartments until we timely reach  80% mandatory affordable and moderate rate housing


100% employment


an updated nominating petition process that is strictly online


election spending and contribution limits capped at $5,000 dollars per candidate


Newsom’s DFEH retaliates against those who complain about housing by unjustly labeling them as “disruptive”


companies like Hi Point Apts, LLC, Power Property Management, Hi Point 1522 LLC, Skylight Properties, and Walter Barratt must face criminal penalties for racism shown in city clerk published documents


the empowerment department, neighborhood councils and city clerk election division have engaged in ethics and Unruh Act violations against certified write-in candidates


the biased election division and LA County registrar think voters are not smart enough to know what a certified write-in candidate is


the name of the Mayor’s Fund will be changed


Metro appointments will become elected positions


'Is It Systemically Racist Or Not?': Kennedy Questions Judicial Nominee On LA County Superior Court


civil court filing fees for individuals will be eliminated


the court will have evening and weekend hours


constitutional rights


the police blue code of silence must be used to respect, serve, and protect all citizens no matter what race,  in compliance with the state Unruh Act, civil code section 51


my office will be one of inclusion,  “of full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges or services of every kind”


let this city government be one of the first to provide slavery reparations to Black citizens


To Black men,  I say assert yourselves


The riverside (period). Be me (period).


Use your pen and write me in. G. Juan Johnson for Mayor. Please vote today.


God speed.

409 words

G. Juan Johnson

May 4, 2022

for LA Channel 35 candidate taping


RACISM AND CORRUPTION CITY OF LOS ANGELES – Memorialize Court Hearing Johnson v Hi Point 1522 LLC and Power Property management. Case 21STSC04819
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